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Alvin T. McNair is a vibrant gift to the body of Christ. A spiritual father and mentor to many sons and daughters in the gospel. He is also a relevant prophetic ministry gift that propels and prepares God's people to excel in their gifts and callings. He received a Bachelor of Christian Counseling, Master of Pastoral Counseling, and a Doctor of Church Administration from the International Overcoming College of Religion James Dussault University, which is affiliated with the Southeastern Accrediting Association of Christian Schools and Seminaries, Inc. Alvin T. McNair is a devoted husband to the love of his life Sheila (Belton) McNair. They are the proud parents of three anointed children, Shanell, Terrance, and Celes McNair.

Dr. Alvin T. McNair is Senior Pastor and founder of Agape Church Inc. There are over 51 ministries serving the Greater Midlands of Columbia, SC. Agape Church is a cutting edge ministry with a diversified audience which encompasses the mission statement derived from Romans 5:5 which mandates sharing God's love through the Holy Spirit. Dr. McNair also is the Pastor and organizer of New Covenant Church in Newberry, SC which is a rapidly evolving ministry, expanding and treading upon new territory. Dr. McNair is a humble man with compassion and wisdom in leading the flock of God. His personal motto is: Leave things better than you found them and things will find you better than when you left them.

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